A brief information about us..

Attrans Commercials Ltd is a leading importer of heavy duty machinery, generators, batteries and scaffolding equipment in Malta. Established in 1985. Attrans Commercials have built a solid reputation for quality of its products and in the service their clients receive by the staff at Attrans.  As a result of this importance A.C.L. have been entrusted by top brands to market and sell their products in Malta. They have also built up a solid business operation through numerous major orders from governmental and private projects where they have also acted as consultants in regards to what equipment should be applied. Through such experiences relating to their specific markets of Heavy Machinery and generators they are considered as the leading Maltese company in their field.



Attrans Commercials Ltd specializes in the supply of heavy plant machinery, power generation and lighting equipment, batteries, construction and demolition equipment, and agricultural machinery. Its aim is to build a relationship of trust with its clients, supporting them in making the right choice of equipment to suit their specific needs, and providing a dedicated, professional and reliable after-sales service.