Maintenance Agreement & After Sales

Attrans Commercials Ltd offers a complete after-sales service to its customers. This includes repairs and maintenance, onsite delivery of purchased equipment, a power rental service and maintenance agreements for generators. Over 15,000 different parts are stocked at the Attrans service centre, and cooperation agreements are in place to ensure that other spare parts are delivered rapidly on request.
Attrans Commercials Ltd employs a dedicated team of specialized technicians in every field, providing all clients with the best service in the shortest timeframe possible.

Attrans Commercials Ltd offers its clients the opportunity to form maintenance agreements for all VISA generators. The agreements include routine maintenance of oil levels, water levels, electrical and mechanical systems and battery voltage.
Clients can also make use of the Attrans Commercials Ltd power rental service. Choose from a wide choice of VISA generators for hire, ranging from single phase 14kVa generators to a variety of large three phase generators with guard evolution panel, rising to 1500kVa.  Power cables, transportation and a stand-by technician are also available to clients on request.